#3 Not Being Consistent

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The 3rd Biggest Mistake Dog Owners Make is Not Being Consistent with their dog. The more consistent you are with your dog, determines if your dog will learn, and if your dog will learn, how long it will take your dog to learn. Repetition and Consistency are a must. I remember when I was a child and I wanted to learn to play the violin. In the beginning I was motivated to practice every day, several times a day. I was consistent and repetitive in my actions; as a result, I had got a fast start, and in very short time, I had become the best violin player in my class. Not too long after I had become the best in class, I got lazy and was no longer consistent and my violin practice “repetition” became less and less until I was no longer able to keep up with the class. Where I had started out as the best at playing the violin, I now had become the worst and had to drop out of the class. I had the intelligence, the talent, but I never mastered the violin because there was no conditioning. Training your dog is no different that learning to master an instrument or becoming a great athlete in mastering a sport. It takes a lot of consistency and repetition. When I meet with new dog owners they sometimes tell me they don’t think there dog is very smart. As a dog trainer I have never met a dumb dog. It always is a problem with the owner. A dog will only be as good as the owner. Without repetition and consistency, the dog never masters the behavior you want or master the behaviors you do not want. Call Phoenix Dog Training for help with any dog obedience training or puppy  training now 602-769-1411

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