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Our Glendale dog training services and Glendale dog trainers are here to help you with and any of your Glendale dog training needs whether it is dog obedience training in Glendale Az you are looking for or puppy training in Glendale. Our Glendale dog trainers have both Glendale dog obedience training classes for any age dog or puppy. 

Dog Training Glendale Arizona Our Glendale dog trainers offers many dog training services, and in addition to being the area’s foremost Glendale dog training experts, specializing in the elimination of fears, anxiety and phobias and aggression in dogs we also offer behavioral medicine evaluations and recommendations. Our Dog Behaviorist is a Harvard-trained Animal Behaviorist and dog behavior expert, and his knowledge of behavioral medicine in addition to our Glendale Dog Training dog obedience training methods and dog training courses make Glendale Dog Training the Valley’s foremost dog training and puppy training authority. Learn more about our sought-after dog training classes. Dog behavior is a specialized field, and obedience training (both puppy training and adult dog training) calls for a level of expertise most Glendale dog training schools don’t have. You’ll find that expertise at our dog obedience school. Glendale Dog Training offers:

  • Rapid results with 1/6 the time and effort of most all other training systems
  • End and eliminate severe dog behavior problems like dog aggression and dog anxiety in usually just few lessons
  • Off-leash heeling and full obedience command and control in just 5 lessons
  • Limitless training
  • Both verbal and/or hand signal control and command of your dog
  • Off-leash reliability
  • Accelerated and advanced training results in half the time and with half the work

Count on our Glendale dog training professionals to do right by you and your dog.

What sets our Glendale dog obedience school apart from the rest is the time we’ve spent studying dog behavior and canine cognition and canine learning theory, and applying it to our unique method of obedience training. Our Glendale dog training experts are also qualified to offer behavioral medicine evaluations and recommendations, another aspect that sets Glendale Dog Training apart from other dog training and dog trainers in Glendale.  Call our Glendale dog trainers today to learn more about our dog training and puppy training options.

If you’ve been to  other Glendale dog training and dog trainers in Glendale and have attended their dog obedience training programs before and what they advertised was not what you received, the Glendale dog training experts of Glendale Dog Training  have the right dog training solutions for you. Learn firsthand what a profession Glendale dog trainer and Dog Behaviorist can do when you work with acclaimed Harvard-trained animal behaviorist.


“We are more than pleased with the training results for our dog ‘Scout.’ She has had fun during the training and is incredibly obedient for a six month old Lab puppy. I would quickly recommend Phoenix Dog Training and our Dog Behaviorist to anyone looking for a quick and effective training school.”-Don & Toni,  ~Glendale Arizona 

Call one of our Glendale Dog Trainers or Dog Behaviorist and tell us about your dog. (602) 769-1411

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