Our Phoenix Dog Trainer, Phoenix Dog Obedience Trainer and Phoenix Dog Behaviorist is the Best Choice for a Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist in Phoenix Arizona

“Looking to find a Dog Trainer or Dog Trainers near you in Phoenix Arizona and throughout the Phoenix metro area? Look no further and let the Phoenix Dog Trainer, Harvard educated Dog Behaviorist, and the team at Phoenix Dog Training show you the proper way to train your dog. Our Dog Trainers will get the job done so you can have a happy and obedient dog or puppy.” ~ Phoenix Dog Training

Severe Dog Aggression Trainers Phoenix Phoenix Dog Trainer Dog Aggression Training Experts


“Their First Trainer was “The Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan. He flew out to help them here in Scottsdale Arizona. Their dogs were even on Cesar’s show on The National Geographic Channel. Cesar had some limited success for that day, but their dog’s behavior was by no means fixed, OR THEY WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO CALL PHOENIX DOG TRAINING AND OUR PHOENIX DOG TRAINER AND DOG BEHAVIORIST. Any success Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer had apparently was not enough or it didn’t last, and they still needed a lot of help with severe dog anxiety and severe dog aggression to fully rehab their dogs so they could live with them and keep them. As a Dog Behaviorist and Phoenix Dog Trainer with 35 years of experience, Phoenix Dog Training and our Dog Behaviorist, showed them where Cesar Millan went wrong, and how the techniques that Cesar Millan employed actually made some of their problems worse! I suppose they thought they had the best trainer with THE “DOG WHISPERER” Cesar, but we can all get star struck, especially when we see our dogs and ourselves on National TV. When you have a difficult and complex behavior problem with your dog it is important that you make sure you get help from a real behaviorist a professional clinician. TV dog trainers are more for entertainment than anything, and most non-behaviorist dog trainers will make the dog’s problems worse.” ~ Phoenix Dog Behaviorist


Phoenix is the Phoenix Dog Training home to a Harvard trained and one of the world-renowned top 10 Dog Trainers and Dog Behaviorist who sets the standard for Phoenix Dog Trainers. The approach to dog training (both adult dog and puppy training) is based on years of study in the science of canine learning theory, and his dog training courses apply the principles of operant and classical conditioning to great effect. There are many theories on how to train a dog, but this Phoenix Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist’s low stress, off-leash approach to Phoenix dog obedience training and years of experience training dogs shines through in the elimination of severe dog aggression, fears, dog anxiety, dog phobias and high end Dog Obedience Training with intense and severe distractions only to be rock solid and reliable unlike any other Phoenix Dog Trainer.

Our Phoenix Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist is proud to offer our clients Phoenix Dog Training Valley wide, including those who’ve visited other dog trainers with less than sterling results. Our Phoenix Dog trainers academy is home to experienced trainers and Dog Trainer courses in Dog Training that offer:

  • Rapid results with 1/6 the time and effort of most all other dog obedience training systems
  • End and eliminate behavior issues of all kinds in usually just a few lessons
  • Off-leash heeling and full dog obedience command and control in just 5 lessons
  • Limitless follow-up training with our Phoenix Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist, for the life of your dog
  • Both verbal and/or hand signal control and command of your dog
  • Off-leash reliability

Through our Phoenix Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist, you will learn how to train a dog by better communicating your intentions like a professional Dog Trainer. We are going to teach you all of our Phoenix Dog Trainer skills and techniques to have a well mannered and well behaved dog or puppy. We offer Dog Obedience Training in Phoenix in the privacy of your own home, with your own private Dog Trainer so you can address issues where they occur.

Our goal is to provide reliable, lasting Dog Training. We know how to train a dog the right way, and offer a low stress environment for all our Phoenix Dog Training clients and their pets. Our Dog Training Classes work on all breeds and age levels. For adult Dog Training or Phoenix puppy training  with our experienced Phoenix Dog Trainers.

Our Phoenix Dog Trainers are professionals and they can train any dog, even dogs with severe dog aggression and severe dog phobias and dog anxiety. There is no dog or puppy that is too difficult and no dog or puppy behavior that is too bad that our Phoenix Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist can’t help you with learning how to train your dog.  No other Phoenix Dog Trainers offer the expertise of our world renowned Animal Behaviorist. Our Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist looks forward to sharing his Dog Obedience Training and Puppy Training philosophy and techniques with you that we have mastered over 35 years of Dog Training and Dog Behavior expertise, knowledge, and Dog Trainer experience.

Call our Phoenix Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist for more details and information. We want to hear about how we can help with you and your dog’s Obedience Training and Dog Behavior Training.  (602) 769-1411 

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