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So you have a new puppy or older puppy.  Maybe you have tried  Puppy Classes or a less than stellar Puppy Obedience Training Class.  Maybe this is the first place you came looking for Puppy Obedience Training, At Dog Training Phoenix, our Puppy Obedience Training  is a high quality, high standard of Puppy Training.  Our Puppy Training Private Lessons and follow up Puppy Classes, give you and your puppy the needed tools and skills to have an obedient puppy who listens and behaves even in heavy distractions. Too many dog trainers and puppy trainers underestimate what puppies can learn and accomplish as well as how advanced the training can be for puppy training manners and behaviors and the level of Puppy Obedience Training that will make your puppy easy to manage and take with you and enjoy anywhere, even off leash. a covers correct and safe puppy socialization, basic puppy obedience training, puppy potty training and how to prevent and correct nuisance behaviors such as:

  • Potty Training
  • Mouthing or Puppy Biting,
  • Destructive Chewing
  • Puppy Barking, Whining, and Crying
  • Jumping on People, Kids, and Furniture
  • Digging up The Back Yard, Plants, Landscaping and Irrigation System
  • Stealing and Taking Things off of Kitchen Counters, Tables, and Desks
  • Knocking Over and Getting Into Trash Cans
  • Pulling on Walks or Not Wanting to Walk on a Leash
  • Being Distracted and Not Listening to Commands
  • Puppy  Crate Training and Learning to Be Quiet in The Crate
  • Puppy Destructive Behavior, Anxiety, and Unwanted Behaviors When You Leave
  • Dangerous Puppy Behavior Like Running Out The Front Door, and Taking Off  
  • A Puppy Who Likes to  Running Away
  • Teaching Your Puppy to Act Calm and Friendly Around Other Dogs, Kids, And Adults

 Puppy Obedience TrainingAt Phoenix Dog Training we will treat your puppy with the same love and attention your puppy receives at home, we know that your Puppy is Family to You. We Love Your Little Fur Baby Too.  at Dog Training Phoenix our  Phoenix Puppy Training, and Puppy Obedience Training and Puppy Classes are geared towards helping to improve you and your puppies relationship with each other so you can enjoy your puppy more, and your puppy can have a better quality of life and have the freedom to go more places and be part of everything you and your family do. The Puppy Obedience Training and Puppy Classes we offer you, are designed to teach you and your puppy obedience commands like how to sit, lay down, stay with distractions, wait at doors and gates, stay on your puppy’s bed or resting place, and to come when you call your puppy every time! We guarantee your puppy will listen and pay attention.  

CALL Dog Training Phoenix  and one of our Dog Trainers now for more information about our Puppy Classes, Puppy Training Phoenix and Puppy Obedience Training in Phoenix and throughout the Phoenix Valley.  602-769-1411

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