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“At Phoenix Dog Training it is our number one goal to provide you and your dog with the highest quality lifestyle and relationship for you and your dog for the life of your beloved pet. Our belief and Phoenix dog training philosophy is that No dog is properly trained or done with training until that dog can consistently behave off-leash in the most distracting of environments and chaotic situations. If your dog still needs a leash, your dog is retrained by a leash, your dog is NOT fully trained. If your dog is not 100% reliable in extremely heavy distractions, you have an unreliable, unsafe dog, Good Dog Training has not yet occurred.  At Phoenix Dog Training, all of our Phoenix Dog Trainers and Phoenix Dog Behaviorist want to Guarantee your dog  is safe and reliably trained in any and all situations, especially the situations that are chaotic and heavily distracting .  



When you truly need your dog to listen and behave, it’s not when it is just you and your dog hanging out in the living room and all things are quiet and calm. Anyone can get a dog to listen and behave when it’s calm and quiet especially if you have a food bribe in your hand. What you really want and need is your dog to listen and behave when all heck breaks loose and you encounter crazy insane distractions without food or bribes. If you have had prior dog training and your dog is unreliable in heavy distractions and unreliable off-leash, we consider the prior dog training to be of little real value and use in the real world of distractions. At Phoenix Dog Training in Phoenix, we have the highest standards of Phoenix dog obedience training and dog behavior. You should expect nothing less than off-leash permanence and reliability in the heaviest of distractions. It is then and only then that you can truly enjoy your dog and feel confident being able to take your dog anywhere off-leash. You get to really enjoy your relationship with your dog and your dog now has the total freedom to go with you anywhere and be with you anytime. 

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There is no dog that is too bad or too old to train, and there is no problem or behavior too bad to be rehabilitated. We have a very simple promise and guarantee when you hire us. If we cannot help you with your dog, you don’t pay! You won’t find another Phoenix Dog Training company or a Phoenix Dog Trainer that will offer you a Money Back Guarantee on their Dog Training Services. At Phoenix Dog Training we also offer a Lifetime Dog Training Reliability Guarantee that comes with free Lifetime Unlimited Dog Training in Phoenix. We know you want the best training for your dog and the money you invest in your dog is money that is hard earned. With our Dog Training Industry Exclusive Money Back Dog Training Guarantee and our Lifetime Phoenix Dog Training Guarantee, we just took all the risk out of your Dog Training investment.

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