Certified Dog Trainers in Phoenix


Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers Dog Training is an unregulated industry.  Your barber and plumber and electrician all need to be licensed, insured, and certified as a professional. Training and Certification are Important. PHOENIX DOG TRAINING is one of the only companies that have attained National Certification. You would never go to a doctor or a therapist who was not certified and not credentialed.  Why would you choose a non-certified hobbyist for your dog?  Here are just SOME of the companies that do not have certified trainers.  You might be surprised.

If you see a website and the trainer claims “They Are Certified,” see if they really are.  You can see if they really are by doing a trainer search with the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers; search here for Nationally Certified Dog Trainers in Phoenix.  Search to see if the Dog Trainer you are thinking of hiring has the certification.  The Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers is the ONLY legitimate Certifying body in the United States.  Don’t be fooled by other self-purchased, self-proclaimed fake certifications.      

Certified Dog Trainers In Phoenix          

 PHOENIX DOG TRAINING  YES  Has Nationally Certified Dog Trainers 

What to look for in a dog trainer

Here are just 50 Phoenix Dog Training Companies Who Do Not Have National Certification Through The CCPDT.  We Do Not Recommend ANY Dog Owner Hire a Dog Trainer Without National Certification


All 4 Paws Training  Not Certified

All-American K-9 Not Certified    

Arizona Canine Center Not Certified

Balancing Paws Dog Training   Not Certified                                                                                  
Balanced Pooches In-Home Dog Training     Not Certified                                              
Bark Avenue Pet Resort     Not Certified                                                                              
Bark Busters   Not Certified                                                                                                   
Before N After Dog Training   Not Certified

Camp Bow Wow   Not Certified                                                                                              
Canine Dimensions  Not Certified                                                                                        
Charlie Bay Dog Boarding and Training  Not Certified

Desert Dog Obedience     Not Certified                                                                                    
Desert Sky K9       Not Certified                                                                                                
Dog Trainer US     Not Certified                                                                                                
Dog Training Elite     Not Certified                                                                                             
Doggie District       Not Certified                                                                                                
Doggie Steps Dog Training Not Certified

Find Your Inner Dog     Not Certified                                                                                         
Fit Dog Training         Not Certified                                                                                           
Foothills Canine Academy   Not Certified

Get K9 Training Not Certified

Hunter Canine   Not Certified

Instinct Canine   Not Certified

JP’s Powehause K9 Bootcamp   Not Certified

K9Katelynn Dog Training     Not Certified                                                                                 
Kona’s Dog Training     Not Certified

Learning Pawsibilities Dog Training School     Not Certified                                                  
Lose The Leash Dog Training Not Certified

Nate Dog Training   Not Certified                                                                                              
Now Who’s The Boss Not Certified

Off Leash K9   Not Certified

Paddock’s Paws Pet Care & Training     Not Certified                                                             
Partners Dog Training   Not Certified                                                                                       
Paw Commons     Not Certified                                                                                                 
Paws to Train your Dog   Not Certified                                                                                    
Petco   Not Certified                                                                                                                   
Petsmart   Not Certified 

Quality K-9   Not Certified 

Rob’s Dogs Dog Training   Not Certified                                                                                  
Robinson Dog Training   Not Certified                                                                                     
Sit Means Sit   Not Certified               

Suburban K9   Not Certified                                                                                                      
Sunshine School For Dogs Not Certified  

The Barking Dog Not Certified                                                                                                 
Tip Top K9 Not Certified                                                                                                            
Top Dog Boarding and Training Not Certified    

UnTamed Dog Co   Not Certified   

Zen K9   Not Certified                                                                                                                  
Zenergy Dog Training   Not Certified                                                                                         
Zoom Room Dog Training Not Certified