Agreement to Hold Harmless and Assumption of Risk

The registrant, on behalf of themselves and any minors attending the dog training lesson(s), classes, or seminars with them, waive, release, and agree to hold harmless Phoenix Dog Training and any and all of its employees, volunteers, agents, insurers, and successors from any and all causes of actions, claims, demands, losses, injuries, and damages of any kind which may be sustained by them or their dog(s) in connection with the class, lesson, or seminar. Registrant is responsible for damages caused by their dog(s) and/or family members.

The registrant waives his/her legal rights and releases Phoenix Dog Training after Phoenix Dog Training has informed him/her that attendance at the Classes may pose risks to the registrant and other Attendees because some of the dogs to which the registrant may be exposed, may be difficult for any handler to control and may be the cause of injury to any of the Attendees. This is true even when the dogs are handled with the greatest amount of care. The registrant fully understands that regardless of the training received by any dog, a dog always possess the propensity to bite. The registrant understands the legal rights and releases Phoenix Dog Training voluntarily and without relying on representations made to him/her by Phoenix Dog Training. The registrant acknowledges that Phoenix Dog Training offers instruction in the area of dog training and is not a place of recreation. In consideration of and to induce Phoenix Dog Training to accept the registrant and his/her dog into the Classes, the registrant agrees to indemnify and hold Phoenix Dog Training harmless from any and all claims, including claims by any Attendee that is the result of any action by any dog, including their own.
The registrant understands that attendance to dog training classes and seminars is not without risk to them, to anyone who may attend with them and to their dog(s).

Fees For Dog Training Lessons, Classes, Consultations, Seminars, Workshops:

Fees for registration for any and all private lessons, behaviour consultations, group classes, seminars and online consultation services is non-refundable and non-transferable since once you have reserved a spot we agree to hold this spot for you in which case it is made unavailable to other dog/handler teams.

Rules for Private Sessions

Reservation for private session can be changed up to 24 hours prior to the lesson. For any changes with less than 24 hours notice, the full session fee will apply. Private session must be scheduled within six months of purchase.


Phoenix Dog Training reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Phoenix Dog Training at any time. Customers are encouraged to review the Terms and Conditions on a periodic basis for modifications.

Contacting Us

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