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Dogs Fireworks



How to keep your dogs fireworks and anxiety  calm and safe on the 4th of July

Dogs Fireworks

Each year tens of thousands of dogs hurt themselves, break out of crates, jump walls and fences, break through windows, and doors to escape out of their fear and anxiety of fireworks.  Dogs Fireworks, and Anxiety is a serious behavioral heath problem as well as a physical health problem.

Phoenix Dog Training specializes in treating and rehabilitating dogs fireworks anxiety, as well as other severe fears, phobias, and anxiety issues in dogs.  Dogs fireworks anxiety can be the deadliest of them all.  Of all the days of the year, July 4th and 5th are the days that dog shelters get the most dogs.  More dogs run, and break out of their homes than any other day of the year.  For many dogs fireworks anxiety is deadly.  More dogs are hit by cars this 4th of July holiday than any other time of the year.

Those dogs that don’t escape can engage is self destructive and mutilating behavior when left alone in a crate trying to escape dogs firework anxiety.  At a minimum, the 4th of July has the most dogs suffering with sound phobias, anxiety and fear because of fireworks.

Here are some valuable tips to keep your dog safe and calm this 4th of July holiday.

  • Anxiety Medication from your Veterinarian (Zanax, Trazadone, Valium, Acepromazine)
  • Over the counter medication (Benadryl)
  • ThunderShirt (Compression Vest)
  • Placing your dog in a room with the best soundproofing like a closet
  • Playing Ball or Fetch inside (Fast movement can help dissipate stress)
  • Behavior modification, working with a Dog Behaviorist such as Phoenix Dog Training for long term desensitization training of dogs fireworks anxiety

Phoenix Dog Training can help you to rehabilitate your dog from fear, anxiety, and phobias.  Phoenix Dog Training can do an in-depth evaluation and assessment to recommend anxiety medication if appropriate.  We also work with Veterinarians who specialize in behavior medicine for dogs with severe anxiety, and phobias.  For a long term rehabilitation of your Dogs Fireworks Anxiety Phoenix Dog Training has a customized 8 week behavior modification program for sound and noise, as well as fireworks phobias in dogs.

Call now and speak with a Professional Dog Behaviorist about your Dogs Fireworks, and Anxiety. 602-769-1411