dog jumping Dog Jumping is frustrating to say the least.  I get calls about dog jumping all the time and how to get a dog to stop jumping.

First we should discuss how to prevent dog jumping in the first place.


Preventing Dog Jumping starts with realizing that dogs jump for attention and because they like it.  Dog Jumping also happens typically when there is a lot of excitement 

Some of the ways dog owners reinforce their dog’s jumping unintentionally is first off by giving the dog attention when the dog jumps on them.  Make sure not to pet or praise your dog when jumping.  You must ignore your dog or give some king of a mildly unpleasant correction for jumping.  Here are some ways to help prevent your dog from jumping.

  • Keep a leash on your dog to correct the dog
  • Step on the leash to correct the dog from jumping and to stop the dog from being able to jump up.
  • Keep the excitability down especially when you first come home.
  • Don’t accidentally reinforce your dog for jumping by petting, or showing attention when your dog is jumping.
  • Turn away from your dog when it jumps and walk away.  This is known as Negative Punishment P- and this is where you take away something the dog wants to get the dog to change its behavior.
  • Teach your dog an incompatible behavior that can replace jumping.  an example of teaching an incompatible behavior to jumping is a sit stay command.



One of the best things you can do to correct jumping without having to punish your dog is to train your dog in basic obedience commands. Dog Obedience Training can prevent and correct many behavior problems even if the training is not directly dealing with the dog jumping.

Using a dog training marker training system, mark and reward each time your dog gets down or stops jumping.  you can also begin to put that behavior on cue or command.  I use the word “OFF.”  every time your dog gets down, say off, mark and reward.

Dog Obedience Training and teaching your dog to sit, lay down, stay, come when called, go to your bed or place, walk nice on a loose leash, these are dog training commands that every dog should be taught and every dog should be reliable with these basic commands.

You can interrupt dog jumping and give your dog a dog obedience training command such as sit stay, or down stay to interrupt dog jumping and have the dog do an incompatible behavior.  Your dog can not be committed to maintaining a dog training command such as “SIT STAY,” and jump on you or guests at the same time.


dog jumping training

Preventing Dog Jumping should be your number one goal.  That begins by not letting your dog get excitable.  Keep your dog and the excitement level low.  Keep a leash on your dog to correct your dog.  Walk away from your dog when your dog jumps.  Teach an incompatible behavior that replaces jumping such as having the dog sit every time your dog wants to jump.

Corrections are just words for punishment.  Don’t let the word punishment scare you.  Punishment can be a mild annoyance or something mildly unpleasant.  You never want to over correct your dog.  You never want to use harsh punishment.  Corrections should be the least amount of force or pressure to get compliance from the dog.

All dogs can benefit from increased exercise.  take your dog for two 20-30 minute walks daily, and have at least one 30 minute play session throwing a toy to get your dog sprinting. Dogs are sprinters they are not long distance runners.  get your dog running and chasing toys for 30 minutes a day to help calm your dog down.

Lastly, don’t let other people get your dog all excited.  Correct people and guests who try to get your dog excited with their own human emotions and exuberance.  Tell people to ignore your dog.

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