SUN CITY AZ DOG TRAINING. I am a dog trainer and dog behaviorist in Sun City Az and I train dogs, do behavior assessments, and behavior modification training.

sun city az dog training

I have worked with and have helped many dog owners in Sun City with their dog training and behavior modification needs.

One of my favorite dogs that I trained in Sun City was a German Shepherd Dog named “Zuess.”  Zuess had dog aggression problems, we needed to teach all of the dog obedience training commands and work on modifying the dog’s behavior with a balanced approach to dog training using both gentle negative reinforcement dog training along with positive reinforcement dog training.

I had another Sun City Dog Training client that has a small Boston Terrier Dog that needed dog training for pulling on the leash, so we worked a lot on the heel command.

I also remember training a very aggressive Pit Bull named “Kodak.”  This dog had three previous dog trainers, and they told the dog owner that the dog could not be trained and that the aggression could not be rehabilitated.  I worked with the dog owners for about three months and now their Dog “Kodak” is much better and can be managed around other people and dogs.

Dog Training is best done with a dog trainer that does private in-home dog training.  Most group dog obedience training classes are a waste of time.  the problem is that in a group class there are many dogs with no training and many owners with no dog training skills, and you end up with an hour of chaos and distractions that are too difficult to help train the dog.  Also the dog obedience instructor has little to no time to help any of the dogs or dog owners on an individual basis

With our Sun City Az Dog Training programs we can train any dog.  No matter how young or how old your dog is we can help you with all of your dog training and dog behavior needs.

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