Scottsdale/Scottsdale Az Dog Training

Scottsdale Az Dog Training

I provide professional dog training in Scottsdale Az.  In addition, I am a full time Dog Behaviorist and do dog behavior assessments and consultations.

Professional In-Home Puppy and Dog Training


I work with dogs and dog owners to make sure that dogs listen and behave in real world distractions.  Consequently, distraction training is the most important part in any dog training program.  What good is any training program if your dog won’t listen to commands and be reliable with those dog training commands in the face of real world distractions.

I see so many dogs that have been trained with other Scottsdale Az dog training companies and they only listen when there are no distractions and only listen when bribed with food.  

My focus in dog training is to make sure that your dog listens to you and in your own home.  There is a problem with group classes.  Dogs act differently.  The problem is worse when people send there dogs away to dog board and train programs in Scottsdale. Dogs with in-home behavior problems don’t have the same environment as at home and do not engage in those behaviors.  Your dog’s behaviors that need to be corrected happen at your home. Similarly this is why dog training needs to be done in your own home.  You can click this link to see all of my Scottsdale Az dog training services.  

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A passion of mine is working with puppies that need to get a great start in life.  I teach puppies how to be polite and to have great house manners.  Therefore, all puppy training includes canine socialization skills, as well as, basic obedience commands such as how not to pull on a leash when walking and many other common puppy behavior problems.

 Does Your Puppy:

  • Have potty issues?
  • Nip at your fingers?
  • Need to learn manners?
  • Test your sanity?
  • Jump up on visitors?
  • Pull on the leash?
  • Growl at people?
  • Chew on everything?

Ask about the Puppy Plus Gold Program. This is for puppies that are between 6 and 16 weeks of age.

Professional Dog Behaviorist Assessments and Training in Scottsdale Az

Severe Dog Behavior Modification Consultations


As a dog behaviorist in Scottsdale, I do behavior modification assessments and consultations for dogs or puppies that have difficult to sever behavior problems that need:

  • Aggressive dog behavior modification 
  • Behavior training for dogs with anxiety and dogs with phobias
  • Consultations and assessments for dogs that may also need conjunctive behavioral medicine along with behavior modification
  • Dogs that have obsessive compulsive canine syndrome 
  • Dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction 

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