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I have an Australian cattle dog mix from the pound. When I got her she was extremely timid, but very aggressive when afraid. Her previous owner had obviously abused her, given that she cowered and left the room when ever I picked up my newspaper. She didn’t even know what a ball or toy was. She didn’t respond to any commands. She was out of control, but still a great dog. She really needed help; so did I to be able to bring the best out of her.

I contacted Phoenix Dog Training.  After about a two hour in depth evaluation and assessment, it discussion about the training process and cost, the behaviorist took my dog out to the street to see how she responded to my handling her and he further evaluated her behavior. He asked that I walk her on leash, then he asked that I do a few other things with her like sit, down, and so on. He then asked to see how he could do with her and took her for a walk.

Her response was immediate! I was amazed. I still am…!!!

If you are considering retaining a dog trainer, I believe you could do you know better than Phoenix Dog Training and their animal behaviorist. I strongly, (No. STRONGLY!) recommend their services. They really are “gurus”!!!

John Norton, a very, very, satisfied customer, and “BB” Carefree Arizona.

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