Online Dog Training

What are Virtual Dog Training and Online Dog Behaviorist Consultations? Are They Right For you and Your Dog?

  • Online Dog Behavior Consultations
  • Online Dog Training
  • Virtual Dog Training
  • Zoom Dog Behavior Consultations
  • Dog Training and Behavior Consultations by Video
  • Remote Consultations for Dog Behavior
  • Online Dog Behaviorist
  • Real-Time Video Dog Behavior Consultations

Above are just some of the terms used for working with a Professional Dog Behaviorist or Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through video conferencing and online dog behavior video consultations.

COVID-19 Taught all of us Dog Behavior Professionals that when it comes to behavior problems, training is just as effective and just as successful as working with a Dog Behaviorist in person.

Today, Doctors, Therapists, Life Coaches, Veterinarians, and, YES, DOG BEHAVIORISTS and DOG TRAINERS are finding that we can accomplish more with our clients and their dogs through online coaching, consultations, and training than in-person.

Online Virtual Dog Behavior Consultations, Coaching, and Training may be better than having a Professional Certified Dog Behavior Consultant come into your home.

  • More Convenient for You, the Pet Parent
  • More Comfortable for Fearful, Reactive, and Aggressive Dogs
  • More Affordable than Private In-Home Consultations and Training in Most Cases
  • More Frequent Interaction, Coaching, and Help
  • Allows the Pet Parent to Work with a Specialist who may not be local.

What Type of Dog Behavior Problems Do Online Dog Behavior Consultations, Coaching, and Training Help.

Dog Training Packages

  • Dog Aggression with other Dogs
  • Dog Aggression to People or Kids
  • Reactive Dogs
  • Fearful Dogs
  • Dogs with Phobias
  • Dogs that have Sound Sensitivities
  • Barking Dogs
  • Dogs with Elimination Disorders
  • Dogs that Biting
  • Jumping Dogs
  • Dogs with Destructive Behaviors
  • Dogs that have problems at Veterinarian Visits
  • Dogs that have problems at Grooming Visits
  • Fear of Car Rides and Travel
  • Dogs with a Fear of Storms or Fireworks
  • Dogs that Fear Fireworks and Other Sounds
  • Dogs that won’t listen
  • Distracted Dogs
  • Dogs that Won’t Respond to Commands

These are just a few dog behavior problems we help modify and change. 

What is the Difference Between a Dog Trainer and a Dog Behaviorist or Certified Dog Behavior Consultant? 

A Dog Trainer is someone you contact if you need help with teaching a dog obedience commands like how to “sit,” “Come When Called,” and “Walk on a Loose Leash,” and they can also help sometimes with simple nuisance behaviors like jumping and digging.

On the other hand, a Dog Behaviorist or a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant specializes in understanding more complex behaviors, the underlying causes of behavior, and how to change the underlying emotional state that drives that behavior. Dog Behaviorists and Certified Dog Behavior Consultants have advanced education, training, and experience in using Applied Behavior Analysis to both Identify Causes of Behaviors and How to Modify those behaviors with Evidenced-Based Solutions Scientifically. a Dog Behaviorist typically is going to have at least a Master’s Degree or a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior.

How to Schedule an Online Dog Behavior Consultation with a Dog Behaviorist or a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.

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