How to stop a dog from running away door dashing door manners

How to Stop a Dog From Running Away to Something Exciting

How to stop a dog from running away and having door manners usually starts with understanding what your dog finds exciting that can be outside the door or what is exciting coming in the door.  Preventative measures can be taken to identify these exciting triggers and use a previously trained command such as a “down stay” command to teach impulse control and distraction proofing.

How to Stop a Dog From Running Away  Towards Something to Chase

Dog Door Manners

How to stop a dog from running away often times is a result of some dogs with high prey drive wanting to chase after a cat, a rabbit, or another dog.  Again using your previously taught “place” command, “down stay” command or even a “Sit” stay command will allow you the ability to keep your dog safe while you expose your dog to fast moving items like cars, bikes, joggers, cats, dogs, and other animals that your dog might like to chase.  Here again this works to teach impulse control and is great to get dogs more calm and more aloof when seeing things such as these.

How to Stop a Dog From Running Away From Something Fearful

Dog Training Door Manners

I get dozens of calls each year on the 4th of July because dogs fear the sounds of fireworks and they try to escape. Those dogs that have sound phobias such as fireworks or thunderstorms can often get so panicked that they break through crates, windows and doors to get away.  The 4th of July has the highest incidents of dogs running away and being found in shelters than any other day of the year.  Stay home with your pet, keep them safe.  take the time to practice gradual and systematic desensitization.

How to Stop a Dog From Running Away Because Boredom

When a dog sits at home most of the day and gets very little stimulation both mentally and physically, it is easy to get bored and run out the door for some fun and excitement.  It is important to teach door manners and to be sure that your dog gets at least 20 minutes or aerobic high intensity exercise each day.  Also just practicing training in short 5 minute sessions will keep your dog mentally stimulated.

How to Stop a Dog From Running Away To Something Novel

Dog Door Saftey

How to stop a dog from running away to something new and novel is similar to the dog that is bored.  Often dogs are overly excited when seeing something new as a result of a lack of socialization and a lack of adequate exposure to outside sights, smells, and sounds.  Teaching safe and reliable door manners to dogs that like to door dash is essential.  Also, when I get a new dog I make sure to expose the dog to EVERYTHING as soon as possible and often.  The more your dog is exposed to things in high energy environments the less your dog will care or find it interesting.

How to Stop a Dog From Running Away to Some Dog in Heat

Dogs in heat can be a problem especially if you live in an area with many dogs that have not been spayed or neutered.   A female in heat will be more apt to run away to find a mate when in heat.  An intact male is more apt to run away when there is a female near by that is in heat.  This is a great reason to teach your dog good door manners and to not door dash.

How to Stop a Dog From Running Away When Nature Calls

Dog Door Dashing

Dogs that have been house broken and potty trained sometime will run away if not given enough opportunity to relive themselves and go to the bathroom throughout the day.