What to look for when hiring a professional dog trainer in Phoenix Az

What should you look for when hiring a professional dog trainer and when looking at professional dog training companies might be confusing? Consequently, this brief guide will help you by providing you with tips on what exactly to look for in a professional dog trainer.

There are a lot of dog trainers and dog training companies in the Phoenix Arizona Metro area.  As a result, when you do a search for a dog trainer in Phoenix or a search for a dog trainer near me, and you get pages of search engine listings of dog trainers throughout Arizona.

Phoenix Dog Trainer Jordan Marsteller teaching a German Shepherd Puppy to Sit

Phoenix Dog Trainer Jordan Marsteller teaching a German Shepherd Puppy to Sit

It can be confusing when researching dog trainers.  In addition, most every website for dog training makes the claim they are the best dog trainer.  Some may even showcase best dog trainer awards.  You can also find a lot of google reviews for dog trainers in Phoenix.

I always tell people to ignore testimonials on a dog grainers website because no businessperson would ever post bad testimonials.  Consequently, You should always check the google reviews on the dog training company in Phoenix you are thinking of hiring.

You should check how long the company has been in business. In addition, make sure that they are insured.  You don’t want someone coming into your home who is not insured.  Have them email you a copy of their insurance card.

Do they customize the training or is it a “one size fits all” type of training? Secondly,  If the trainer says they customize the training, ask them specifically how they will customize the training and what that all entails.  

You will want to ask if they only do one type of training, or one method, or if they use only one set of training tools.  A great dog trainer is very adaptive and has many ways to train and is skilled in many ways, as well as being skilled in a variety of training tools.  Be careful about trainers who are on the fringe or are extreme.  Behavior is fluid and that means that the training also needs to be fluid.

What to look for when hiring a professional dog trainer in Phoenix Az

Phoenix Dog Behaviorist Will Bangura Teaching a Puppy to Sit and Place

Phoenix Dog Behaviorist Will Bangura Teaching a Puppy to Sit and Place

Is the trainer you are looking to hire formally educated.  Firstly, Dog Training and Behavior Modification are a Science.  Secondly, All good training is Science based and evidenced based.  Quiz the trainer on important concepts like counterconditioning, desensitization, extinction, shaping, backchaining, operant conditioning, respondent conditioning, differential reinforcement. These are critical concepts in behavior modification.  Any good trainer can tell you immediately what those dog training terms mean and how they are applied to training snd behavior modification.  If the trainer you are interviewing can not answer those questions, keep searching. 

Does the trainer use harsh punishment?  No dog should experience fear, pain, or intimidation to learn.

How long has the trainer been a trainer?  Consequently, Anything under 3 years is pretty novice and not what I would look for if my dog had a serious problem.

What kind of continuing education does the trainer engage in. In addition, are the continuing education one that carries actual CEU’s?

Can the trainer train YOU? Often professional dog trainers are teaching humans how to train their dog.

Jordan Marsteller Dog Trainer In Phoenix Az Training a Big Dog and training the owner

What to look for in credentials when hiring a professional dog trainer in Phoenix Az

What are their credentials to work with serious behaviors like fear and aggression?  Dog trainers teach obedience commands and stop nuisance behaviors like barking and jumping. If your dog has aggression or anxiety or fear issues you need a dog behaviorist, veterinary behaviorist, or a behavior consultant.  All these professions require 8 or more years of formal education.  As a result, you would need a master’s degree at a minimum.

Firstly, are they willing to spend as much time as you need on the phone getting information and answering your questions?  Secondly, How you get treated on the phone is a good indication how they will treat you and your dog.  Are they evasive, forthcoming, encouraging you to ask questions?

However, these are just a few tips on selecting a dog trainer in Phoenix or anywhere throughout the country.  Additionally, remember dog training is an unregulated industry with no standards.  Anyone can call themselves a professional dog trainer.

At Phoenix Dog Training, our Dog Trainers, Behavior Consultants, and Dog Behaviorist all have formal education in behavior, learning theory, ethology, psychology, biology, neurochemistry, psychopharmacology, and teaching skills. As a result, Phoenix Dog Training is the most authoritative dog training company with World renowned dog trainer and dog behaviorist, Will Bangura.

Will Bangura has been training dogs for over 42 years and is one of the most sought-after dog trainers and behaviorist in the world.  Will Bangura specializes in dog aggression, dog anxiety, fears, and phobias in dogs.

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