Many German Shepherd Dog owners in Phoenix are looking for training. This working breed makes a great family pet. Similarly, the German Shepherd makes a good guard dog. This breed is often used as a working dog in law enforcement and the military.


Dog Training in Phoenix for German Shepherd DogsMy first dog that I trained was a German Shepherd named Max. I was about 9 years old and my father was a police officer that bread and trained German Shepherd Dogs. As a result, I learned to love this breed of dog. I followed in my fathers foot steps as a dog trainer. My love of this dog and obedience training set me in the direction of competing in and putting AKC obedience titles on my dog. Consequently, this was the start of my experience in formal dog training.  


I offer very high end training for dogs in Phoenix and the Phoenix Metro area. As a result, I offer East Vally Dog  Training in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and Mesa Arizona.  I also offer Dog and Puppy Training in the West Valley. Some of the West Valley cities I provide Dog Training in are Peoria Glendale, Surprise, Goodyear,  Litchfield, Litchfield Park and Avondale Arizona.


I provide training at Phoenix Dog Training  involves a lot of heavy distraction training. I don’t believe any dog is trained, or well trained until it can behave, listen and resound to commands when there are insane and crazy distractions going on around you and your dog.


This breed of dog is know most popularly as a police dog. Therefore, it is often used for police and military work.  The breed makes for a great working dog with intelligence,  stamina, drive, and an all around strong desire to have a job. However, this does not mean every German Shepherd will make a good personal protection or guard dog.


In every breed of dog you will have different temperaments in dogs. Consequently, one German Shepherd might me too dominant or aggressive. Similarly, another of the same breed may be too shy and timid. 

As a Dog Trainer in Phoenix, I often find myself working with this breed of dog and they can have a lot of far and anxiety. I have also worked with many that people wanted to be a person protection dog and the dogs temperament was too dominant and too aggressive. Good person protection guard dogs are not aggressive by nature. I often consult with people prior to getting a dog or puppy. Picking the right candidate for the right kind of work is critically important. I can not emphasize enough that breed of dog alone is not enough to do a certain job or task. In addition, the same advice holds true for picking a puppy or dog to be a Service Dog.

If you are looking for German Shepherd Training in Phoenix please give me a call.  I love this breed of dog and I enjoy helping dog owners train their German Shepherd Puppy or Dog to be the best dog they can be.  I work with all ages of dogs.  My speciality is dog aggression and dog anxiety.  There are no behavior problems that I can’t help. 

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