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Online Dog Behaviorist Consultations FAQs

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Q: Do Online Virtual Behavior Consultations and Training Actually Work?

I have found that Online Behavior Consultations and Training are as effective and often times more effective than in-person consultations. Even before COVID-19 had impacted the world, many people thought that the only effective way to get help was to have someone come to their home. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have worked successfully with clients from all over the world. Today Veterinarians, Doctors, Psychologists, and Counselors are just a few of the professionals conducting online virtual consultations with huge success.

Q: Should my dog see a Dog Behaviorist, Certified Behavior Consultant, or Dog Trainer?

Private trainers and group training classes that use positive-based methods are excellent for teaching foundation behaviors like “sit,” “lay down,” and “come when called” and helping pet parents learn how to deal with simple behaviors like jumping and begging and communicate with their canine companion. However, if your dog has a problem with severe behaviors (aggression towards people or other dogs, separation anxiety, fearful behaviors, etc.) that requires a behaviorist or a certified behavior consultant, then it’s important to see a professional who is Certified and has extensive education, training, and experience in animal behavior such as Mr. Bangura.

Q: Do I need a referral from my veterinarian to be seen by the Behaviorist and Certified Behavior Consultant?

Yes. We are Certified Behavior Consultants, which is highly specialized. Behaviorists and Certified Behavior Consultants typically require a Veterinarian referral to be seen.  Due to the high demand for our services and the specialized nature of our work, You will need a referral from a licensed Veterinarian.

Q: What types of methods do you use?

As a Nationally Certified Behavior Consultant, Mr. Bangura uses various evidence-based scientific methods when working with behavioral problems, including (but not limited to) antecedent arrangement, environmental management, response prevention, substitution, differential reinforcement, along with desensitization and counterconditioning.  The goal of behavioral modification is to prevent the dog from engaging in problematic behaviors while working to change the underlying emotional states that drive the behaviors.  All methods will be explained in detail during the appointment and demonstrated whenever appropriate. Mr. Bangura will never use methods that will cause your dog to experience fear, pain, or intimidation.

Q: What is the cost of a behavioral consultation appointment?

People are often surprised at how reasonable behavioral consulting fees are given Mr. Bangura’s education, experience, and level of personal attention that he gives to each case. The initial 2-hour behavior assessment and consultation cost is $295, and $195 for a 1-hour follow-up appointment. Although usually unnecessary, In-Person Consultations are available at my location for an additional $200 and at your home for an additional $300 fee.

Q: How many follow-up appointments will my dog need?

The number of appointments depends on the dog and the nature of the behavioral problem(s).  As an “average,“ most people need anywhere between 1-3 follow-up appointments.

Q: How do I set up and prepare for a behavioral consultation appointment for my dog?

Please see the steps below to schedule your behavior consultation with Mr. Bangura.

  • Fill Out a Request For Behavior Consultation Form
  • Make Payment and Select your Day and Time for Your Behavior Consultation.
  • Fill Out the In-Depth History and Behavior Questionnaire

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Q: Will you come to my home for the appointment?

Initial Assessments and Behavior Consultations are done via “ZOOM-Like” video conference.  We use the DOXY platform, a telemedicine HIPPA-compliant video conference portal that is 128-bit encrypted for security. After your initial behavior consultation, you and the behaviorist will determine if further follow-up is best done via video conference or in person. Most behavior problems can be addressed without coming to your home, but they may be needed in some cases. We will do what will work best and is most convenient for you and your dog. Mr. Bangura has been conducting video conference behavior consultations since 2016, well in advance of and before COVID-19. In many cases, Mr. Bangura has found that real-time video consultations are as effective, if not more effective, for creating change in pets. In addition, Mr. Bangura can charge less, making his expert services more affordable to others, and it allows Mr. Bangura to help more people that he otherwise would not be able to help. There is an additional $200 fee for in-person consultations at my location and an additional $300 fee for at-home in-person consultations. In-person appointments are very limited.

Q: How much time will I need to work on my dog’s behavior plan daily?

During the initial appointment, Mr. Bangura consults with the client, and together they design an individualized behavioral plan based on realistic goals, expectations, and time resources. Instead of devoting large blocks of time each day to training, Mr. Bangura gives clients exercises and activities they can incorporate during daily interactions with their dogs.  Some behavioral modification training can be accomplished in as little as 20-30 minutes daily.  There are multiple approaches to working with behavioral problems, and you and your Behavior Consultant will work together as a team to find the best approach for you and your dog.

Q: Will my dog need behavioral medication?

Mr. Bangura is not a veterinarian and cannot prescribe behavioral medication.  However, Mr. Bangura will work hand in hand with your dog’s veterinarian, who may prescribe behavioral medication, if needed, to be used in conjunction with a behavioral management and modification plan.

Because some behavioral problems may have medical causes, it’s good practice to get a clean bill of health from your dog’s veterinarian before a behavioral consultation appointment.  This is especially true if the behavior is new or something that has just recently surfaced. As a result, we require that you get a written referral from your veterinarian to be seen by the behaviorist and behavior consultant. 

Q: Do you guarantee that my dog will be cured?

It takes time and patience; that being said, 98% of our clients report they are thrilled with the results. Animal behavior results from complex interacting factors, including genetics, home environment, early socialization history, client compliance, and more.  As a result, Mr. Bangura cannot guarantee the outcome of your dog’s treatment plan.  To do so would be unethical and misleading.  However, many dogs make good improvements through a combination of behavioral management, behavioral modification, and owner education. Mr. Bangura is a highly sought behaviorist with a very high success record. 

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