Canine Separation Anxiety

Canine Separation Anxiety

dog separation anxiety

Canine Separation Anxiety Behavior Modification Program

How it works?

  • Step one is a phone consultation with you and a custom tailored video assessment of your dog that happens in real-time. Step two is where we put together a completely customizable program that is specific to your dog and your situation.
  • Consultations are virtual. The program includes contact and behavioral support six days a week through 24 hour email and text follow up.  In addition, there will be real-time video consultation sessions once a week to evaluate the progress you and your dog have made and to address any concerns, and to also go over any adjustments or changes to the treatment plan that need to be implemented to ensure optimal success if modifying and reducing your dog’s separation anxiety.

What is included in the Canine Separation Anxiety Behavior Modification Program? 

  • Free 20-minute (meet and greet) phone call where you and the behaviorist can connect and get a feel for each other and if our program is the right fit for you and your dog.
  • A video behavior assessment of your dog that is done in real-time.
  • Customized daily separation anxiety behavior modification protocols and action steps will be prepared for you (6 days a week with 1 day off.)
  • Weekly real time follow-up video behavioral assessment your dog and it’s behavior
  • Weekly one-on-one consultations to discuss your dog’s progress and to troubleshoot any problem areas of the treatment plan that need to be adjusted.

What is the cost for the Canine Separation Anxiety Behavior Modification Program? 

  • $195 a week

  • Required 4-week minimum


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