Will Bangura, Applied Animal Behaviorist, President and Founder of Phoenix Dog Training

Will Bangura Applied Animal Behaviorist Will Bangura is the President and Founder of Phoenix Dog Training, and has been “Dancing with Dogs,” since 1976, for over 44 years. He has been an expert witness in many dog aggression cases, and an often called upon dog behavior expert for for local and national news outlets.

At the young age of 10, Will was competing, showing and titling dogs in AKC Dog Obedience Matches as a Junior Handler. Will has been training dogs with behavior problems professionally for almost 30 years. Will’s Formal education rests in both Undergraduate and Graduate Work in Psychology and other Behavior Science Disciplines. In 2011 he completed postgraduate study and coursework at Harvard University in Canine Cognition.  Will is 1 of Only 2 Applied Animal Behaviorists in the entire State of Arizona. Will is also a Specialist in Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals, where he has over 300 hours of education and training in Neurochemistry related behavior disorders, and Pharmacology.

Will Specializes in the most difficult of Dog Behavior Problems, Extreme Dog Aggression and Severe Anxiety Disorders in dogs, Ritualistic and Obsessive-Compulsive dog behavior. He is an Expert in Canine Behavioral Medicine and Neurochemistry related disorders in animals, along with genetic, biological, and medical factors affecting behavior in animals. Will makes no bones about it, “Many of the Most Severe Behavioral Problems in Dogs, such as Severe Aggression and Severe Phobias and Severely Fearful Dogs are not just training issues; they are a combination of environmental, behavioral, genetic, and biological issues that may also have medical considerations. About 3% to 7% of dogs fall into this category.” 

Will has enjoyed the company and working with many animals over the years, “Tag”, a Beagle Fox Terrier mix, “Max”, “Leela”, “Uno”, and “Nizzy”, two male and two female German Shepherd Dogs, “Chip”, a male Chocolate Labrador Retriever, “Hershey”, a female Chocolate Labrador Retriever, “Nera”, a female Belgian Malinois, “Lil’Dude,” a male Jack Russell Terrier, and three rescue dogs, “Star” a dog and people aggressive female South African Boerboel,”Paris” a female yellow lab who had people/child aggression issues, “Rocky”, a male Rottweiler who was severely abused and became severely aggressive to people. Will is currently enjoying his new puppy “Boo”, a female Miniature Schnauzer. 


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