REMOTE COLLAR TRAINING is one of the greatest advances in all of dog training. On the other hand, nothing has brought about more controversy and differing opinions in the dog training industry as the use of remote collars in dog training. In this article I will dispel some myths and get down to facts.

Remote Collar Training


SHOCK COLLARS, ELECTRIC COLLARS, E-COLLARS WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?  A lot actually, yet not much.  I know that sounds and seems paradoxical and it is.  What else is paradoxical is that Remote Training Collars or E-Collars are some of the most gentle dog training tools around.

History or Remote Collar Training

1960’s Old School “Shock Collar” Early Remote Collars were crude, large, and they were PAINFUL!

Electronic collars were first used in the 1960’s.  back in the 60’s everything was big.  Big Cars, Big TV’s and Big “Shock Collars.” Back in the 1960’s the remote training collars were painful and had one setting, and that setting could only be changed by taking out a tool to remove the two contact points on the collar that touch the dog’s neck with different contact points.  Some old school remote training collars had two or three different contact points or three settings (High, Medium, and Low.)  Back in the 60’s even low hurt like hell.

Years ago remote training collars were used for punishment.  They were first primarily used to punish and correct hunting dogs who made mistakes but were off leash and at a distance from the dog handler. 

Because the remote training collar was crude back in the 60’s and had little to no adjust-ability, all settings on the remote training collar were punishment and all settings were painful.  The word “SHOCK” was an appropriate term for those old school remote training collars.


Modern remote training collars today are a far cry from the painful shock collars and punishing tools that they were in the 1960’s.  Today our TV’s have gotten smaller, Phones have gotten much smaller, and so have remote training collars.  As electronics have gotten smaller with microchips so have the remote training collar tools.

Dogtra Remote Training Collar

Today remote collar training by DOGTRA is gentle and does not produce a shock.  Many people still call the remote collar training tools shock collars but that is no longer correct.  A “SHOCK” is painful.

Today’s modern remote training collars have between 100-127 settings or levels and use EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology.  The science and technology is the same and the stimulation that today’s modern remote training collars emit is medical grade stimulation.

Anyone that has ever had muscle spasms and has gone to a physical therapist is familiar with TENS and EMS therapy.  They use low level electrical stimulation to contract the muscles to help relieve pain and release the muscle spasm.  Here is more information as to the difference between EMS and TENS

Remote Training Collars and Remote Collar Training is a product of the individual doing the remote collar training.  Its kind of like the gun debate.  No matter where you stand on the whole gun debate issue, like guns or hate guns.  Guns don’t kill, people do.

Remote Training Collars Don’t Punish or Hurt, People Do!



Remote Collar Training is gentle, safe, effective, and when used at very low levels the stimulation is not painful.  The gentle stimulation is just a mild, pulse that gets the dog’s attention, and the dog works to turn off the very mild annoyance that the stimulation creates.

There are animal rights activists and PETA who are trying to ban the use of Remote Training Collars.  They do this by spreading misinformation and playing on peoples emotions.  Remote Collar Training is safe, gentle, and does not cause fear, pain, and intimidation.  Today’s Remote Training Collars have sophisticated adjust ability to be able to fit every dog’s size and temperament. 

If you see a dog that looks stressed out, is in discomfort, its not the tool, its not the remote training collar, its the individual trainer using a tool in a harsh punitive way.  You can find hundreds if not thousands of examples of dogs being trained with Remote Collar Training and Remote Training Collars, that are happy, animated, up beat,  fun loving dogs.

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