Phoenix Dog Training is happy to announce we have partnered up with a Pet Sitter In Phoenix, PAW NANNY TAMMY.

Pet Sitter in Phoenix

Many of our dog training dog owners ask if I board dogs.  I don’t, but realize that you pets are your fur babies and you don’t want just any pet sitter in phoenix to watch your pets.

Having know Tammy since 1998, I can tell you that she is the best pet sitter in Phoenix Az.  Tammy has over 15 years experience working with animals.  Besides doing pet sitting, Tammy also does pet sitting in North Phoenix, Scottsdale Az, Paradise Valley Glendale Arizona,  and Peoria Arizona.


I have many clients in Scottsdale that call me looking for a pet sitter in Scottsdale.  I have been referring clients that need a pet sitter to PAW NANNY TAMMY for over a decade now.

I feel very comfortable referring Tammy to you for any pet sitting needs you might have. Not only does Tammy do pet sitting in Scottsdale, but she also does in-home pet sitting in North Phoenix.  Tammy will even bring in mail, water plants, landscaping, whatever you need while you are away from your pet and away from your home.

There are a lot of companies that do Pet Sitting in Phoenix.  Many of the Pet Sitters in Phoenix are a big chain store company.  My clients want a pet sitter with experience, and experience that counts.  Tammy is also a dog trainer so she can handle difficult dogs and difficult animals in general.

For those wondering if she does Cat Sitting in Phoenix, YES YES YES.  There are not very many Cat Sitters in Phoenix.  There are even less Cat Sitters in Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and North Phoenix where Tammy does most of her pet sitting.

Tammy also will do, pet sitting in Phoenix, and can train your dog too. Have a vacation planned and need your dog watched?  in addition to having our Pet Sitter in Phoenix,  just watch your dog, she can brush up training, start training, no matter your training needs Tammy is your one stop shop. 

PAW NANNY TAMMY, Pet Sitting in Phoenix, also pet sitting for exotic pets, such as snakes, birds, reptiles, and other exotic pets.

Do you need your pet exercised, given a bath, or a toenail trimming?  PAW NANNY TAMMY – PET SITTING IN PHOENIX is more than your pets sitter, but personal pet concierge.