Jordan Marsteller, Trainer – Canine Behavior Specialist, Radio Show Co-Host of “Pet Talk Today” on 1100 KFNX AM Radio Sataurdays from 9-10 am

US Army Veteran.

phoeix dog trainer jordan marsteller Jordan is a US Army veteran.  In the Army, he was a Military Working Dog Handler. Jordan has more than 30,000 hours of experience training behavior modification, basic obedience, competition obedience, bite-work, and scent detection with pet dogs and Military Working Dogs. His passion for animals, and eventually more specifically dogs, started at a very young age. Jordan began studying animal behavior in his early teens and utilizing his research, he began working with his own personal pet dogs and even the local Police Department K9s.

Throughout his career in the Army, he attended the DOD Train-To-Trainer course, multiple tours of combat overseas, and even became the Senior Narcotics K9 Handler on his installation. He has served on Secret Service missions, security details, and various assignments with Military Working Dogs in 13 different countries around the world.

jordan marsteller phoenix dog trainer Jordan is a very motivated trainer and individual. Jordan has a innovative mindset, and superior critical-thinking abilities, which makes him excell at helping the most difficult of dog training cases like aggression, fear, anxiety and phobias. Jordan is also an excellent teacher not to just dogs, but their people too!

If Jordan had to choose his favorite breed of dog, he would choose the Great Dane. He believes their grandeur presence and simultaneous but contrasting goofy poise is unlike any other.

Jordan believes that continuing his education is essential to bring the latest science based, evidence based training solutions to all the dogs and owners Jordan works with.  “I want us to work hard, but we need to work smart, and that means following the science behind how dogs think, learn, and make sense out of the world.” Jordan is currently pursuing his education in Appliend Animal Behavior.

Jordan’s top three tips for pet dog owners for a well-trained dog are:

  1. Communication goes both ways, learn your dog’s body language signals, and react appropriately when training.
  2. No matter how well trained your dog is, your own understanding of and commitment to their training will determine how well they can perform.
  3. Practice…Practice…Practice. When you think your dog is trained and obeys their commands without issue, remember, training hasn’t finished yet…KEEP PRACTICING, DESENSITIZING, AND CONDITIONING!